Assistance and Personal Transportation, Attendant and Home Support Services for Seniors, Families with Children and People with Special Needs



“Often you shall think your road impassable, sombre and companionless. Have will and plod along; and round each curve you shall find a new companion.” 

 - Mikhail Naimy

Quant Care Team of Driving Miss Daisy offers a wide range of support services for seniors; families with children; people with mobility, visual and cognitive challenges; and people recovering after surgery.

Driving Miss Daisy/Quant Care can provide one-time service or regularly scheduled personalized and customized services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

We note and act on details and instructions given by you, your family or caregiver.

We provide continuity with personnel, timing, and routines that matter to you.

We strive to provide the kind of support that increases your assurance and trust that you are in good hands with Driving Miss Daisy. 

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Personalized Accompaniment Including Transportation

According to statistics one in five seniors over 70 stops driving mostly because of health concerns. Some of them are forced to stay at home on any given day because they have no transportation options.

Unlike public transportation Driving Miss Daisy offers “Through-The-Door” service with personal assistance helping clients out of their home and through the door of their destination, and back. Our unique service meets the needs to safely transport seniors, people with disabilities, children and those with special needs to and from all kinds of medical and dental appointments, pre- and post-surgical appointments, adult day programs, work, school, social events, travel, and more.

We schedule our trips in advance, so our clients can be assured their driver will be there for them on time.

“Stay with” service

There are many medical problems that seniors may be experiencing as they age. They are simply anxious about going to the doctor's office because of the fear of the unknown, such as the confirmation of an incurable disease, terminal illness, or feelings of embarrassment due to specific medical conditions, etc. (Dr. Charles J. Sophy, MD , Adolescent Medicine)

How often we hear: can you stay with me during the appointment? Can you stay with my Mom and help her during the appointment? Yes, we can!

Our clients can put trust in our personalized Driving and “Stay With” Service. We will pick up our client from home, drive to the appointment, and assist during the appointment, communicate with the Dr. Office staff, take notes, if needed, and email a report about the appointment to the family.

We will provide companionship during the appointment and take our client home after. We provide safe driving, escort and assistance to our clients for religious services, social events and recreational outings, shopping and errands, etc.

Travel Assistance

Traveling could be a very exciting but also exhausting experience for anyone, even more for seniors. Seniors may suffer added stress while traveling, including getting to and from the airport, ferry terminals, bus and train stations.

Quant Care/Driving Miss Daisy Team can assist our clients in different ways to reduce unhealthy travel stress. We will assist with trip preparation like packing according to travel by air or ground standards, checking all travel documents, insurance and medication. We can assist in booking hotels and communicating with airlines for people with special needs.

Quant Care/Driving Miss Daisy team can also accompany our client throughout an entire trip, providing travel assistance from beginning to end so the client can have a pleasant, stress free experience with a reliable companion.

Home Support

There are lots of reasons why elderly people need help and assistance in their day to day life. There are many conditions that can be prevented and things that can be done to prepare for a better quality of life for seniors and to support them as they age.

Quant Care Team of Driving Miss Daisy provides home support services that include:

  • Home management - household jobs like cleaning, laundry, minor general repairs, home organizing
  • Creative and intellectual activities – music, art, crafts, reading, puzzles, outings, etc.
  • Food preparation – light food preparation or a personal food making approach.We can cook at our client’s home several times a week or prepare and freeze a number of meals at once to last throughout the week. All meal preparation is based on the client’s dietary needs, preferences and restrictions
  • Personal care – assistance with bathing, showering and personal hygiene, skin and nail care, assistance with getting dressed, one-on-one bedside care
  • Medication reminders
  • Respite Care – Quant Care/Driving Miss Daisy Team can provide respite care to give an important break to family caregivers so that they can be free to attend to their own needs.

We can also provide 24 hours care and live-in service. We provide our services in our client’s homes including independent and assisted living facilities.

Dementia Care

A predictable routine can prevent a person with dementia from becoming distracted and forgetting what they were doing. A daily agenda that resonates with the pre-dementia life of a client can improve the quality of life.

Quant Care/Driving Miss Daisy Team along with the caregiver will establish a daily routine and will try to follow this routine as much as possible. The routine will include: mealtimes, toileting, medication administration, personal hygiene, leisure activities, exercise and outings and will be based on the person’s likes, dislikes, strengths, abilities and interests.

Please check our Home Support services for more information on Home Support for people with Dementia.


Seniors are less able to run around to do their errands because of their age or illness, or simply tiredness.

The typical errand services from Quant Care/Driving Miss Daisy team include:

  • Getting groceries for our clients regularly
  • Buying medications and picking up prescriptions
  • Bill payments
  • Mail sorting and organizing
  • Writing and mailing letters
  • Arranging appointments
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Pet care, walking dogs, taking pets to vets
  • Any other errands that are required by our clients

Wheelchair Assistance Including Accessible Transportation

Everyday people with disabilities are faced with a challenge of arranging specialized wheelchair accessible transportation. Our wheelchair vehicles accommodate 1 wheelchair passenger and 3 companions.

Driving Miss Daisy provides compassionate wheelchair assistance including transportation. Our wheelchair services include:

  • Assisting wheelchair clients in getting on and off the vehicle
  • Securely strapping in wheelchair clients so they can ride safely
  • Assisting wheelchair clients in and out of the buildings and during their appointments
  • We supply a transport wheelchair if needed
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