How can you help your loved one with Alzheimer's disease?
How can you help your loved one with Alzheimer's disease?alz

If you are or will be taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer's, start learning what you can expect. 

This can help you make the most of the person's abilities as they change. 

And, it can help you deal with new problems should they arise.

💫Work with your loved one to make decisions about the future before the disease gets worse. It iss important to make an advance care plan and name a substitute decision-maker.

💫Your loved one will need more and more care as the disease gets worse. You may be able to give this care at home. Or you may want to think about using assisted living or a nursing home. 

💫Ask your doctor about local resources such as support groups or other groups that can help as you care for your loved one. 

Help is available, and a friendly reminder to those living within Driving Miss Daisy - Quant Care areas, we are HERE to help!