Understanding the Meaning of Home Support for Seniors

blog1We live busy lives these days and don't always notice the routines of people around us, especially seniors. Have you ever wondered who is helping them with groceries, home cleaning, housekeeping chores, food preparation, laundry, homemaking and other home support duties? You may guess that probably relatives, sons, daughters or grandchildren are helping them, but the reality is that a lot of elderly people live by themselves with little or no useful help at all.

In some cases, relatives live too far away or in another city, or they have no family. Sometimes our loved ones don't want to bother us or are too shy to ask for some help. With time, everyday routines around the house become too difficult for seniors. Whether it's preparing a meal or cleaning the kitchen, the elderly need assistance. Otherwise they stop doing it themselves and feel more depressed. Very often seniors feel lonely with signs of depression and also have no one to talk to.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why elderly people need help and assistance in their day to day life. There are many conditions that can be prevented and things that can be done to prepare for a better quality of life for seniors and to support them as they age.

We, as a company, work closely with seniors every day and see their lives from an inside perspective. We started our business as a driving company that provides transportation assistance for the elderly by driving our dedicated clients to different appointments. With time, by getting to know our clients better, we understood that they needed much more help and assistance than we had realized.

Now, we provide home support services that include house cleaning, homemaking, grocery shopping, short and long term live-ins (from a few hours per month to around-the-clock care), light food preparation and personal care services.

We at Driving Miss Daisy understand the needs of seniors very well, and we are happy to provide support and care so that together we can make this world a better place.